Spanking  Surveys

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When you misbehave away from home and are going to be spanked:  (Check all that are applicable.)

Why are you spanked?  

(Check all that are applicable)

When you have finished the above form, please click on the “Submit” button below.

NOTE:  I would appreciate as much information as possible concerning your discipline and punishment.  If you would like to provide more, after clicking the “Submit” button, please contact me at the following email to discuss your spanking experiences in more detail.  

Thank you for your consideration.

NOTE:  “Maintenance Spankings” and “Preemptive Spankings” are fairly well-known.

However, “Proprietary Spankings” and “Submission Spankings” are not so well-known although I’ve heard of girls receiving such even though they called them differently or just did not name them at all.  

A “Proprietary Spanking” is just what the name says:  It confirms that you “belong” to the one spanking you, and you will obey.  

A “Submission Spanking” is common in CLDD (Christian Loving Domestic-Discipline) and is given, frequently unexpectedly, so that the girl knows that she will be submissive to her HOH; that is she is “spanked into submission”.

When you are getting ready to be spanked:

Describe below in detail what you do when you are about to be spanked.

If I resist being spanked, either in getting ready to be spanked or if I move out of position when being spanked:

On average, how many days are you spanked each week?

On average, how many times are you spanked each week?

If you are “Male”, STOP!  This survey is only for girls who get spanked.

If you are “Female” and do not get spanked, STOP!  

This survey is only for girls who get spanked.

If you are under 18, your results will not be posted, but if you are being abused in any way as shown by your results, I WILL notify the authorities to help you.  

I have notified the police in Denmark concerning a girl who was being abused, and will notify the FBI if you live in the U.S.  

If you are under 18 and are not being abused, you should not be here and should be studying!  Or you should be out with friends having fun!  …  But not smoking, drinking, or drugs!  

REMEMBER:  Smoking weed makes you dumb!  Do you want to be dumb???

Survey results will be posted when I can update them.  (I’m fairly lazy, so I do not update very often!)

If you want to make comments and do not find a box for the comments you want to make, there is a
text box at the end of this survey where you can say whatever you want.  Also, if you need more room
than can be entered in any box, enter your remarks in the text box at the end of this survey.

If you get spanked at school/work/anywhere but home (e.g., girlfriend’s home, boyfriends home, neighbor’s home,etc.),

do you get spanked again at home?

Please use the text box below to provide any additional information or explanation that you want.  

Spanking Survey

GIRLS:  Please complete the Spanking Survey that is shown below.

This survey is ONLY for girls!

I would be pleased if you would provide as much detail as possible.

If you have questions, or would like to provide additional information directly, please contact me at:


Click banner below for survey results.   

Survey Results

Are you male or female?

What country are you from?