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Found below are reports concerning the real-life spankings of girls who are over 18 years old.  It has been found that there are more girls in this age group, especially girls who are 18- to 24-years-old, who are still spanked-at-home than is often believed.  The stories are real as they report on spankings administered by the Headmaster or as told to him by girls he interviewed.  

About the Polls:

The results shown here from various polls are not the result of any scientific research.  The results are a compilation from unscientific polls from which conclusions have been extrapolated.  The experiences of girls who have been spanked for real are accurate and do reflect, to a certain extent, the “findings” shown by the polls.  I do hope, however, that the information contained herein is of interest and possible value.  

It is now recognized that there are many girls, apparently over 2 million in the U.S. alone, who are 18- to 24-years-old and are still spanked-at-home for discipline and punishment.  In fact, it is not unusual to find girls still being spanked especially in conservative and strict communities, found especially in the south.  One report on spanking girls indicates that, with the exception of Florida, most southern states still spank girls on a fairly routine basis.  The first report given here is from a girl in the south and is a true account of her spanking experiences.  It will be seen that this account contains more than just the spanking of a girl, but also includes sexual encounters within the family that is actually not that all uncommon.    

The report given here is from Mindy who is a 20-year-old girl who lives in the hills outside a small community in one of the southern states.  (Names in these reports, as well as locations may be changed.)  While not characteristic of most girls who live near her, she does say that she and her 3 girlfriends are spanked every day, which is why they are friends–they have had similar family experiences.  But, she does say that most all of the girls in the community are spanked at least a few times each week, regardless of their age.  From various research it has been found that about 12% of girls who are spanked, are spanked every day.  Our concern is with girls who are spanked every day and how they are spanked.

For girls who are spanked, they are most often spanked by hand or with a paddle, 80% are spanked on their bare bottom, and of those, 40% are spanked naked.  With Mindy living in a very conservative community, girls are taught to be very submissive and obedient and it is their place to take care of the home, be obedient to their man (whether their dad, boyfriend or some other disciplinarian) and do what they are told–and when they don’t, they are spanked, regardless of how old they are.  Mindy is adopted, which is why some of her treatment is somewhat incestuous, although she says that even her girlfriends have to submit and satisfy their dads and boyfriends whenever they are ordered to do so, and think that such treatment is “normal”, although she does acknowledge that she knows that their families are “different” from those outside the community, but believes that the way they are treated is best since their families are very well-controlled and the girls do not get in trouble as girls do who are outsiders.  Spankings and personal-use are simply a common and accepted practice.  Now, Mindy’s spankings are not typical in that she is spanked more than once a day, and in fact is spanked several times a day, almost every day.  Mindy’s spanking experiences are featured here because she represents a full Domestic-Discipline relationship with her family.  She is supervised, controlled and spanked throughout every day.  

MINDY’s Report (a 20-year-old girl):

I get spanked a lot, as every girl should.  Girls are emotional and require a lot of supervision and strict discipline and punishment to make them behave properly, do their chores properly and on time, be obedient to and serve their man as he orders, and to get their work done as they should.  

I get spanked at least 20-30 minutes every day since every spanking has to be at least 5 minutes long, and many are longer.  I get spanked, of course, by Daddy who starts out each day with me naked in my room over his knee getting my 5-minute Morning Obedience Spanking to start the day.  Daddy says that these spankings are necessary in order to help me focus my attention on what is expected of me each day and to make sure that I am going to be obedient and get my work done.  Of course, I’m not always obedient, but these spankings do help to minimize my misbehavior and disobedience.  

Of course, I also get spanked by my boyfriend on every date, my boss 3 days a week, my uncle a couple of times a month, and the father of the 14-year-old girl I baby-sit each week.  

Daddy frequently spanks me for disobedience (not taking the trash out on time, not sweeping the home, not cleaning the bathroom, and so on) and misbehavior (smoking, swearing, running around at night, and other things that girls like to do) as well as for academic reasons.  He frequently spanks me in the legs-up position so he can hit me very hard and watch me cry.  He says that it is important that I am spanked hard and cry.  He likes to watch me cry and  will spank me until he is satisfied with my crying.  

In high school, starting in the 10th grade when I was 15, he said that he was always going to spank me when I got home from school to make sure that I study hard.  And I have been getting spanked every day after school since then.  He has his office in the home and I have to report to him when I get home.  I have to remove my shoes and socks and my panties so I am naked at least from the waist down, and frequently I have to strip naked.  Then I have to bend over his knee for a 5-minute spanking with my paddle.  I kick and cry the entire time.

When he’s finished with my bottom, I have to run to my room and study until it is time for me to prepare dinner.  And I have to prepare and serve dinner properly.  When I don’t I have to pull my panties down, raise my skirt and bend over his knee right there at the dinner table for my spanking, regardless of who is present.  My girlfriends eat at my home, as I do at theirs, a couple of times a week, and they see me get spanked when they do, and I also see them get spanked when I am at their home.  Daddy normally has to spank me 1 or 2 times a week at dinner.  He says that it is important for a girl to be submissive and obedient, and do her domestic chores properly, and be spanked if she doesn’t.  I can only date boys who spank me, so they are at least 5 to 10 years older than I am.  And after I am spanked, I have to kneel to thank my disciplinarian by taking him in my mouth and satisfy him properly.  If I don’t, of course, I get spanked, and I mean hard!  Daddy uses a paddle on me for any sexual failure.  If I do not satisfy him properly, I have to strip naked and kneel on the ottoman or sofa to be spanked for 15 minutes with my paddle.  Yes, in this small town, there are some things that are somewhat incestuous.  (However, such is not unusual with adopted girls; e.g., Woody Allen and Soon Yi, ..., his adopted daughter!)  

I normally have to be spanked at least twice a month for failure to perform my sexual service properly, and frequently more often, sometimes once a week!  Actually, I know that I am most often spanked for sexual failure just because Daddy wants to spank me.  But, also I have to receive my Proprietary Spanking so that I know that I belong to my man and must obey him.  I normally have to be punished 1 or 2 times a week in the legs-up position, and disciplined another 2 times a week.  

So, I am frequently spanked 4 times a week for discipline and punishment, 7 days a week in the morning, 2 times a week at dinner, 5 days a week after school, and 1 time a week for sexual punishment.  Friday and Saturday nights I am spanked when I return from my dates, “just-because”—just because Daddy knows that I need to be spanked.  When I get home from my date I have to go to my room, get undressed and wait for Daddy.  When he comes in, I hand him my hairbrush and bend over his knee for my 5-minute blistering of my bottom.  On Saturday and Sunday I get spanked at least 2 more times each day for Domestic Discipline.  So, I get spanked at least 25 times a week, 3 or 4 times a day, by Daddy.  

Of course, my boyfriend also spanks me every Friday and Saturday evening when we go out.  He normally spanks me at least twice, since I have a lot to learn to serve him properly, be submissive to him, especially in public, and for him to let me know that I am his property—so he gives me Proprietary Spankings normally every weekend.  So, my boyfriend normally spanks me at least 5 times a week, and sometimes more since he just likes to spank me!  When he does I have to submit!  It is important that a girl get spanked whenever her man wants to spank her.  

I’m a secretary for a boss who spanks me when I am disobedient.  He’s a friend of my dad’s and knows that I get spanked at home, and dad told him to spank me if I did not obey him.  I work 3 days a week and get spanked by my boss every day since he gives me a Preemptive Obedience Spanking as soon as I get there.  As soon as I get to work, I have to raise my skirt, take my panties off and bend over my desk.  My boss then uses a strap to whip me.  Again, like dad, I’m sure he spanks me just because he likes to spank me, but I need my job and Daddy would whip me really hard if I did not work.  That spanking gets me started right and helps me maintain the focus I need to get my work done.  So, that’s 3 more spankings I get each week, for a total of 33 spankings a week—over 4 a day!  But, that’s not all the spankings I get!  

I also baby-sit for a 14-year-old girl who I have to spank when she disobeys me.  Spanking, of course, is something she is used to and expects to be spanked when I baby-sit her.  But, when I report to baby-sit, her dad takes me in the bedroom and makes me bare my bottom for him to spank as a Preemptive Spanking.  He wants to make sure that I take proper care of his daughter, and complete the chores that he tells me I have to do.  When I baby-sit, I can’t just sit around and watch the girl, I have to get some domestic chores done.  And, if they are not done when he gets home, he’ll spank me again.  But I can also tell the girl what chores to do and spank her if she does not obey.  So I normally do not have any problem with her since I will use a paddle on her if I have to.  Of course, I normally do not get all of the chores done that he expected me to do, so he does spank me again.  But, also, if I had to spank his daughter, he’ll strip her naked and spank her.  

So that is 2 more spankings I get each week for a total of 35–at least 5 a day.  That really is not too much though when you think about all that I have to do.  I get spanked each morning for 5 minutes.  Then I get ready for the day and go to school or start my chores.  When I get home from school I get spanked again for 5 minutes.  If I go to work, I get spanked again for 5 minutes.  In the evening is when I get punished or disciplined.  These spankings can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on how bad I was.  Then I have to kneel to satisfy Daddy and get spanked again if I did not serve properly.  Saturday and Sunday I get spanked when I get up, and then I’ll get spanked another couple of times each day, normally when I get home from church on Sunday and again in the afternoon for not getting my chores done.  So, you can see that the spankings simply help to keep me focused and are needed so that I do my best.  Most of my spankings are simply with me naked, OTK in the Inverted-V Position as Daddy hits me hard.  It is important that I cry frequently, and Daddy makes sure I do.  

Overview of Spanking Experiences of Girls

Mindy’s spankings (not her sexual experiences) are characteristic of the spankings that girls get who are over 18 years old.  However, they do not represent the majority of the girls who get spanked, since most are not spanked every day.  

The research shows that of those girls who are spanked (not necessarily every day), the following apply:  

19% of girls who are spanked get spanked every day, and another 14% get spanked several times a week.  

2% get spanked more than once a day.  

For those who are spanked (for any number of days in a month), we have the following:  

88% are spanked by their father;   41% by their mother;   27% by an uncle;   4% by an aunt;

25% by a male neighbor;   3% by a female neighbor;   11% by male cousin;   2% by female cousin;  

22% by girlfriend’s father when staying at their home;   7% by girlfriend’s mother when staying at their home;

20% by an older brother;   4% by an older sister;  

4% by a younger brother who is 16+ years old;   1% by a younger sister who is 18+ years old;   

11% by grandfather;   18% by grandmother;   

It has been found that grandmothers, female teachers/mentors, and moms of children for whom a girl is babysitting are much more strict than their male counterparts and administer spankings much more often for misbehavior, and much harder.  Essentially, they do not let the girls get away with behaviors that the male counterparts tend to overlook.  When I mentored, disciplined and punished a girl, Nancy, in Orlando, Florida, I would spank her for various things.  When I did, her mom, Karen, would practically always tell me to spank Nancy longer and harder.  And, she would often bring Nancy to me, make her undress and tell me that she needed a spanking, even if it was for something that I would probably just let go.  I have also had reports from girls in Ghana and other such countries inform me that it is the grandmother who normally punishes them by making the strip naked and stand at-attention in the center of a room with her hands behind her head as the grandmother sits in a chair beside her and uses a horsetail whip to spank her.  

4% by a girlfriend’s dad when away from home;   1% by a girlfriend’s mom when away from home;   

These spankings occur; for example, when the girls are being supervised shopping, when traveling together overnight on a trip, when at a beach or recreation park, when caught misbehaving in public, etc.  Most of these spankings are administered by taking the girl to the parent’s car and spanking her, or, of course, back to the motel room for a good spanking.  These percentages are probably low since many of the girls do not associate with their girlfriend’s families in a way where they would be spanked.  

9% by a male family friend (normally a friend of the girl’s dad);   2% by a female family friend;   

9% by a male teacher/mentor;   15% by a female teacher/mentor;  

8% by a child’s dad when babysitting;   17% by a child’s mom when babysitting;   

6% by a pastor;   3% by a boss;    

[NOTE:  Boyfriends are not included since such spankings are normally a part of sex; or, if the boyfriend also administers domestic discipline, he is included above as a “mentor”.]    

51% of the girls who are spanked are naked when spanked

76% get spanked OTK;   39% bending over furniture;   35% laying face-down on a bed;   30% legs-up;   18% on all 4’s

For girls who are spanked every day or several times a week, the following apply:  

91% are spanked by their father;   59% by their mother;   39% by an uncle;   11% by an aunt;   

36% by male neighbor;   21% by female neighbor;   23% by male cousin;   9% by female cousin;   

32% by girlfriend’s father when staying at their home;   22% by girlfriend’s mother when staying at their home;

29% by an older brother;   11% by an older sister;   

17% by a younger brother who is 16+ years old;   8% by a younger sister who is 18+ years old;   

15% by grandfather;   26% by grandmother;   

13% by a girlfriend’s dad when away from home;   8% by a girlfriend’s mother when away from home;   

11% by a male family friend;   6% by a female family friend;   

42% by a male teacher/mentor;   61% by a female teacher/mentor;  

These percentages for girls who are spanked every day or several times a week are much higher than for the girls who are just spanked because the girls who are spanked every day tend to be the ones who associate with those who provide strict mentoring on a daily basis.  That is, they are supervised more, controlled more, and, therefore, it is recognized by their teacher/mentor that they require more correction.  

18% by a child’s dad when babysitting;   26% by a child’s mom when babysitting;   

31% by pastor;   42% by boss

These percentages seem to be higher due to the perceived need by the girl to be spanked for disobedience or misbehavior.  These girls frequently take the initiative in recommending to the pastor or boss that she would do better, and wants to do better, if they would spank her when she failed to meet their expectations.  

21% are “beaten” in addition to being spanked; i.e., While they are spanked at times, they may also be taken to a “punishment room” (basement, barn, etc.) are made to strip naked and bend over, possibly bound, and are spanked very hard for 20 to 30 minutes or more with paddles and straps.  These are not just hard spankings, but are administered in a manner that the girl is beaten hard.  

≈ 100% are spanked in front of others, especially girlfriends

For girls who are spanked every day and beaten as part of their punishment, the embarrassment of being spanked in front of girlfriends and others seems to be a natural part of their punishment.  Apparently if a girl is going to be beaten, why worry who watches?   Frequently the fact that the girl is going to be punished is announced to other family members as well as girlfriends or others in the home so that they will be available to watch when she is punished.  She may even be more-or-less “paraded” through the home so everyone can see her naked and will know that she is going to be whipped.  They then watch as she is made to get into position or be bound in position.  When she is properly presented, her dad (most often) will then commence to whip and spank her mercilessly as she kicks or prances and cries uncontrollably.  One girl I know was dragged by her dad, crying all the way, to the barn on the property where she was stripped naked and bound by her wrists to a hook in a post and then whipped her hard with a stirrup strap as well as her own strap that she had previously had to buy just for him to use on her.  After about 15 minutes he took her down and made her bend over a saddle, that was placed on a horse, so he could use a paddle and strap on her.  Then she was taken over his knee so he could just slap the crap out of her with his hand.  Her dad spent an hour whipping and spanking her.  

≈ 100% are spanked OTK, 60% legs-up, ≈ 100% over furniture

≈ 100% are spanked by hand, 82% with a paddle, 71% with a strap

≈ 100% are spanked for at least 5 min.; 56% are spanked for at least 10 min.;

31% are spanked for at least 15 min.; 18% are spanked for at least 20 min.; 4% are spanked for over 20 min.

37% must submissively model before or after being spanked

Submissive modeling; i.e., making the girl present her body as ordered also seems to be a means of embarrassing her as well as asserting control over her.  This is used for punishment-embarrassment when she has to present herself naked in front of her girlfriends and others.  The girl is going to learn to be obedient and is going to do exactly what she is told to do.  

17% must provide oral sex after being punished hard

This is the classic “thank you” after a spanking.  Again, if a girl is going to be beaten, she is being treated as the property of her disciplinarian and she is going to service him any way he demands.  

18% are severely beaten; i.e., spanked, whipped, used and abused for punishment.