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See girls get their bare bottoms spanked hard. 


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Daija has turned out to be the most viewed coed getting spanked!                                                  



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Fortunately, at this Academy, I do give real, natural and hard spankings. 

You will never see any of the "patty-cake" spankings seen on YouTube!   


If a girl needs to be spanked, she should be spanked hard, and that is what happens to the coeds at this Academy -- and they all appreciate the attention they get!  As seen by the photos below, the girls here are quite lovely, but they are reduced to tears as their bare-bottom is spanked hard to discipline and punish them properly!  



When told that she was going to have to stand up and present her Daily Reports before the other coeds, a new Academy coed-applicant replied:

"You are going to have to make me do that.  Spanking me would help."


Girls do know what is required to make sure that they succeed in achieving their own goals!

As a result of this girl’s candor, spanking was initiated in the Academy as standard practice.


If you are a girl who needs to be spanked, just contact the Headmaster for an appointment:

Girls who know that spanking is required characterizes the girls who apply to and are accepted by High-Expectations Academy.

Shown below is Bailey who was spanked hard and frequently cried.

Bailey:  From a beautiful coed, to a beautiful, spanked and crying coed!


Regardless of how sweet these girls are, they still need their bare bottoms spanked hard so that they cry as they should!

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