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Daija's Spanking Movies


Coed Daija's Movies -- Click Title Frames to see Movie Trailers

Daija is Out of Control (Trailer)    1 min. 30 sec.; $FREE  
Daija reported to the Academy to receive an attitude-adjustment spanking!  Well, as she was waiting, she decided to expose herself right there in the lounge.  When the Headmaster caught her, he ordered her to strip naked and get over his knee!  Right there she received a very hard ping-pong paddle spanking!    

Daija Spanked for Loosing Money    6 min. 27 sec.; $6.99  
Daija is well-paid for the work she does at the Academy--keeping up with her chores and helping train the other girls.  So when she was paid and then lost her money, that did not go over too well with her Headmaster -- especially when she came in on a Saturday to beg for more!  Although he does give her more money, he also spanks her hard with a paddle, and then slaps her bare bottom with an OTK spanking!    

Daija's Attitude-Adjustment Spankings    18 min. 25 sec.; $18.99  
Daija just always has an attitude problem.  For one thing, she replied to a viewer on the Internet without permission from her Headmaster.  She is not allowed to do anything without his permission!  Then, she wore slutty clothes to the office.  And, finally, she just had an "attitude".  Well between the OTK hand-spankings, and the paddle used on her bare bottom, she at least knows that she is going to get spanked if her attitude continues!!    

Daija's Methodical Punishment    20 min. 57 sec.; $21.99  
166 slaps by hand to Daija's bare bottom, 208 hits to her bare bottom with her hairbrush, and 115 strokes of her paddle!  Daija was ordered to report to her Headmaster to be punished.  She was to receive several spankings during the day, one about every hour or so.    

Daija's After-School Spanking & Punishment    5 min. 19 sec.; $5.99  
264 slaps to Daija's bare bottom for an After-School Spanking and not cleaning the bathroom!  These Academy coeds are going to learn that when they are given domestic chores, they had better get them done!  And, when they don't they are going to be over their Headmaster's knee getting their bare bottom spanked hard!    

Daija's Schoolgirl Spanking, Focusing Attention    11 min. 17 sec.; $11.99  
518 slaps to Daija's bare bottom helps focus her attention!  Daija needs a lot of spanking attention to help focus her attention on work she has to do.  Here she is taken over her Headmaster's knee after school and spanked hard.    

Daija's Schoolgirl Uniform Spankings    20 min. 22 sec.; $20.99  
17 minutes of being spanked!!!  Daija is given her After-School Spanking, and is slapped hard for having an "attitude problem".  Then she is sent to her room and later given a Bedtime Spanking!  The next day she is sent to her Headmaster's private office where she is spanked very hard as she struggles and yells at him.  She learns that she will be spanked harder when she talks-back and yells!  All-in-all, this is just one really long spanking session -- 17 minutes of being spanked!!!  

Daija Spanked for Back-Talking a Teacher    6 min. 36 sec.; $7.99  
214 SLAPS to Daija's bare bottom!  That will teach her to back-talk a teacher!!  
Daija Spanked for Talking on Phone    5 min. 46 sec.; $6.99  
132 SLAPS bending over-the-knee on her bare bottom -- after she tells her boyfriend that she is going to get spanked for talking with him!  At least he seemed to think it was funny!   
Daija Spanked for Being a Bad Girl    5 min. 5 sec.; $5.99  
143 SLAPS on her bare bottom as Daija bends over the arm of the sofa for being a bad girl.   
Daija's After-School Spanking    3 min. 33 sec.; $4.99  
131 SLAPS for Daija's after-school spanking.  She has several more to go as she is going to be spanked for 10 school-days straight!   

Daija Spanked 5 Times    18 min. 44 sec.; $19.99  
458 SLAPS TO DAIJA'S BARE BOTTOM!!!  Daija gets spanked over a period of several hours to impress on her that she had better get her chores done and get her schoolwork done! 

Daija Spanked for Not Having Schoolgirl Uniform    6 min. 58 sec.; $7.99  
Daija gets 164 slaps on her bare bottom for not having her schoolgirl uniform ready to wear.  She is made to bend over and raise her skirt to be spanked, and then her Headmaster also picks her up under his arm to spank her.  Just a great spanking punishment session! 
Daija Dresses for Bed & Given Bedtime Spanking    5 min. 51 sec.; $6.99  
Daija is ordered to dress for bed and get to her bedroom for a Bedtime Spanking.  Taken of her Headmaster's knee, she is spanked with 100 slaps as she continually cries. 
Daija Comforted After Spanking    4 min. 13 sec.; $4.99  
NO SPANKING!  Her Headmaster feels sorry for Daija and frequently comforts her after he has to spank her.  Here she is seen being held as she continues to cry from being spanked. 
Daija Spanked for Leaving Lights On--Again!    4 min. 10 sec.; $4.99  
Daija is responsible for turning the Academy lights off at the end of the day and turning the heat down.  But, she just always seems to forget something.  This time she forgot to turn the lights off--for the second time!  Taken to the Punishment Bedroom, she is taken over her Headmaster's knee and spanked hard wih 112 slaps to her bare bottom. 
Daija Spanked for Smoking    3 min. 54 sec.; $4.99  
Daija knows better than to smoke anywhere, let alone on Academy premises!  But she just goes out front and smokes anyway!  These girls just never learn!  She is taken inside and made to bend over the arm of the sofa to receive 5 hard strokes of her paddle, and slapped 50 times by hand. 
Daija Spanked for Wearing Jeans    3 min. 54 sec.; $4.99  
Daija knows that she is not to wear jeans when leaving the Academy.  But, she does anyway!  When she returns, her Headmaster takes her over-the-knee and spanks her bare bottom good with 150 slaps! 

Daija Spanked for Not Cleaning Kitchen    6 min. 32 sec.; $7.99  
Daija learns that she had better clean the kitchen when told.  Having not done so, she receives 201 slaps on her bare bottom as she bends over and kneels on the kitchen counter.   
Daija Gets an Academic Spanking    5 min. 52 sec.; $6.99  
Daija receives 186 slaps to her bare bottom OTK to "encourage" her to get her studies done!   
Daija Spanked for Leaving Lights On    4 min. 0 sec.; $4.99  
Daija was told to turn the lights off in the Academy.  She didn't and they were on all night.  Taken over her Headmaster's knee, he uses her paddle on her with 30 strokes over her jeans, and is then made to bare her bottom for a hand-spanking of 50 hard slaps.   
Daija Gets Comforted    3 min. 59 sec.; $4.99  
NO SPANKING!  Daija has been having a hard time, and her Headmaster thinks that she needs to be comforted to let her know that he really does care for her, but has to spank her to make her behave properly.   
Daija Gets a Bedroom Bedtime Spanking    3 min. 29 sec.; $3.99  
Daija receives a bedtime spanking to encourage her to do better the next day.  Here she gets 130 slaps on her bare bottom as she presents herself over her Headmaster's knee.   
Daija Gets an Attitude-Adjustment    2 min. 50 sec.; $3.99  
Daija has an attitude problem by yelling at her Headmaster and not accepting her spankings properly.  He punishes her by making her kneel on the ottoman as he spanks her with 80 slaps to her bare bottom.   

Daija Spanked for Not Studying    5 min. 33 sec.; $6.99  
Daija learns that studying is very important as she is sent to her room to wait to be spanked.  Taken over her Headmaster's knee she is spanked with 190 slaps to her bare bottom.   
Daija Spanked for Trying to Sneak Out    5 min. 12 sec.; $5.99  
Daija tries to sneak out.  She is informed that such behavior is not acceptable and is spanked OTK with 154 slaps.    
Daija Spanked for Not Cleaning Room    3 min. 55 sec.; $4.99  
Daija learns that she had better keep her room clean.  She is picked up and placed over her Headmaster's knee and given 114 slaps by hand.   
Daija's Before Bedtime Spanking    3 min. 11 sec.; $3.99  
Daija is informed that she will be receiving Before Bedtime Spankings to help her to do better.  These spankings will focus her attention on what is expected of her and that she had better do better each day.  For her first Before Bedtime Spanking, she is slapped by hand 80 time OTK.   


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